Danielle Wilson

clothing design

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom work?

Yes! Please contact me at daniellebwilson@gmail.com for details. I am always interested in challenging and creative projects, and collaborations. Designing and creating are my passion so I generally don't take basic seamstress work, but please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


How did you make that?

I try to give as many details about my design and creation process as I can though blog posts, but some techniques are strictly basic pattern making and don't lend themselves to quick tutorials or DIY instruction. I'd be happy to point you toward pattern making/clothing design resources if you are interested in learning though.


Do you sell that design?

At the moment, most of my designs are custom and one of a kind. However, I am working towards making some garments available for sale. Thank you for your interest and please check back!